Byrna provided a wide range of less-lethal products to Law Enforcement agencies, Security Professionals and Government Agencies globally. We pride ourselves in the fact that our products are, mission critical, accurate, effective, reliable and sustainable. Byrna products help save lives. At Byrna, we offer a comprehensive range of less-lethal products that cater to the needs of Law Enforcement agencies, Security Professionals, and Government Agencies worldwide. Our commitment lies in delivering mission-critical, accurate, effective, reliable, and sustainable solutions that help save lives.


Byrna’s less-lethal options provide users with a broad range of tools to respond to a variety of situations while keeping distance between officers and aggressive individuals. Our .68 calibre and 12 gauge less-lethal options can be accurately deployed at safe distances, mitigating the increased danger of close-quarters conflict.


Byrna’s encapsulated chemical payload projectiles are designed to deliver incapacitating effects. Byrna’s high concentration of irritant powders, plus the large dispersion cloud formation upon projectile impact, result in the optimal effectiveness of these Byrna projectiles. Byrna Pepper (OC/PAVA blend) and Byrna Max (OC/CS blend) are available in .68 caliber and will soon be available in 12-gauge shells. Experience the power and effectiveness of Byrna's encapsulated chemical payload projectiles. These projectiles are specifically designed to deliver incapacitating effects, ensuring optimal effectiveness in any situation.


The Byrna Law Enforcement division prioritizes training and also contributes to the ongoing professional development of Law Enforcement agencies. The Law Enforcement Division offers national and globally recognized training programs.


The Byrna Mission 4 is a semi-automatic AR-15 style rifle and does not use any batteries or electronics. The durable magnesium receiver encloses the high-performance in-line pneumatic bolt system. The M-LOK shroud comes standard with 4 picatinny rails, integrated sling mounts, front and rear flip-up adjustable sights and vertical fore grip. The two position external safety lever engages safe or firing mode. The coupled black and orange magazines each load 18 projectiles.


The Byrna Tactical Compact Rifle or TCR, is designed as a versatile and reliable magfed launcher. Designed to deliver a compact military, realistic look that is easy to customize via the standard four Picatinny rails. The high-performance TCR also includes folding front and rear sights, a vertical front grip, and an 11” high-performance barrel. The TCR comes complete with 7-round and 12-round extended magazines and a fully padded carbine carry case.

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Training Projectiles are best used for training, qualification and direct impact simulation. It contains safe harmless powder.

Kinetic (Solid) projectiles in principle inflict blunt trauma, pain, and intimidation on individuals, while attempting to limit the chances of death or disability compared to live ammunition.

Chemical Irritant Projectiles are highly effective by incapacitating the assailant, causing temporary blindness, respiratory distress and an extreme burn sensation. Physical symptoms of chemical irritants often result in disorientation and agitation, which can lead to a state of fear, anxiety and panic in would-be attackers. Upon impact the projectiles burst, creating a cloud of chemical irritant that rapidly disperses into the air to quickly incapacitate an attacker. Within seconds, the saturation area extends in all directions around the point of impact.

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