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Powered by compressed air (CO2), the Byrna HD shoots .68 caliber round kinetic projectiles and chemical irritant projectiles that can disable a threat from up to 60-feet away.

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Byrna's new Tactical Compact Rifle (TCR) utilizes the very popular shoulder fired "sub-gun" platform. This launcher's compact size allows it to fit in tight spaces, including most gear bags and backpacks. The TCR utilizes Byrna's patented "pull-pierce" technology, meaning the 12 gram CO2 cartridge can be loaded in the quick-change housing and will remain unpierced until the user pulls the trigger. This allows the TCR to remain in an always ready state, until it is needed, prepared to deploy at a moments notice.

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  • PATENTED PULL-PIERCE TECHNOLOGY: CO2 is stored in the launcher unpunctured until the first trigger pull. On first trigger pull the CO2 is punctured and a projectile is launched simultaneously.

  • UPGRADED WHITE DOT SIGHTS: High-Contrast bright white sights which allow for quicker acquisition in high stress situations.

  • SUPER-CHARGED: the Byrna LE Launcher is 60% more powerful than the SD. Max projectile speeds of 340 feet per second.

  • INCREASED SHOT CAPACITY: 40% Greater Shot Capacity than the standard Byrna SD. Fire up to 35 rounds per single 12g CO2 cylinder

  • STANDOFF DISTANCE: 33% increased effective range over the Byrna SD. Accurate at up to 80 feet.

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Byrna 12-GAUGE Shotgun Shell

The Byrna 12-Gauge Kinetic ammunition produces 20 joules of energy (capable of breaking auto glass), an impressive 312 feet per second muzzle velocity with an effective range of 100+ feet. Deliver devastating less-lethal stopping power without the lethal consequences.

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Byrna ECO

The Eco-Kinetic is one of the lowest priced projectiles available.

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Byrna MAX

Our most powerful proprietary pepper and tear gas blend: OC, CS all in one shot.

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One of the most powerful all natural real pepper projectiles on the market, containing 1% OC and 4% PAVA.

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Byrna Kinetic projectiles consist of hard, solid plastic and can be used for practice and self-defense.

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