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Sometimes the world can be an unsafe place, and even your home can feel less secure depending on what is happening around you. In these instances it is better to have a contingency plan for situations where someone may seek to harm you, your loved ones, or your property. One obvious answer to home or self-defense would be to own a firearm, but sometimes that is not possible. Not only have gun laws become more strict with many states and cities passing laws that prevent gun ownership, but also, not everyone is comfortable owning a gun.

Our Byrna HD Kinetic Kit comes in a protective, zippered carrying case with everything you need to get started:

Each kit contains:

1 - Byrna HD launcher
2 - 5-round magazines
2 - 8 gram CO2 cartridge
1 - 5 round tube of Byrna HD kinetic projectiles
1 - 5 round tubes of Byrna HD kinetic projectiles
1 - 5 round tube of Byrna HD inert projectiles
1 - #byrnanation medallion


*We are sorry, at this time we do not ship any Byrna products to:



Manhattan, NY

Bronx, NY

Brooklyn, NY

Queens, NY

Staten Island, NY

Yonkers, NY

Washington, D.C.

Portland, OR

San Francisco, CA

***California Residents: Only Byrna HD Inert Projectiles and Byrna HD Kinetic Projectiles can be shipped to California.

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